Hello, I’m Lea
I’m 20 years old blondie ( ^ • ^ )

Who I am?

First of all: I’m a web model since 2021. Streaming is my work but I really enjoy spending time with my followers. Lots of unusual shows where I’m drawing, singing and dancing, doing card tricks and hanging out.

I just start work from my home from the laptop, but planning to move into bigger flat and buy computer for streaming.

I’m online 5 days in week on Chaturbate and Stripchat and u can join my broadcast right now!

If I’m offline and u miss me, check MyClub where I’m posting exclusive NSFW content.
Also I’m into drawing so long time, since I was born I think :)

Everyday I’m trying to learn something in that theme, three years ago I got a tablet which I use for draw digital art.

Now I’m drawing in Procreate, and starting learn how to make vector images, NFT, design brands and websites.

I’m drawing in traditional art too, in acrylic paints and watercolours.

If you’d like to follow my new arts and support it, subscribe my boosty ❤️

Great news! Now I have my telegram channel!

Posts about my life, stream schedule, new arts, ideas and polls about streams and MEMES

Thanks for help with this site to Joshy!

Lea 2023
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